Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting a Good Laugh That is Very Much Needed

Right now I am on episode 12 of a funny Korean drama called “Sweet Spy”. I have had more fun watching this and laughing out loud. Can’t help it, it is so funny. For example, three men are accidentally given a job that wasn’t meant for them and they try to follow the instructions. They have no idea why and what they are doing, or why they are getting beat up over it by strange groups of men. Plus why is someone thinking the old man is an international spy when he is actually a small-time thief? Everyone is getting the wrong messages and ideas. The sweet, naïve, young widow gets involved, having to pretend the real spy is her lover. Dennis Oh plays the real spy. I’m not very impressed with his acting, to be truthful. But he sure is fine looking with a nice voice. As I was watching him I kept getting the feeling that I had seen him somewhere. Then when I checked on his page on DramaWiki, I realized I had seen him in “Witch Yoo Hee” (“Witch Amusement”).
Anyway, I am watching this at aznV.TV where I find a lot of good subtitled movies and dramas.

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