Friday, August 17, 2018

I have been trying to get some photos of Koyani. He will be posing so cute.....until I get the camera out. Oh, well. 

Koyani is sitting outside the bathroom, waiting for me to go check his litter box in his room. He's afraid I might forget?

Koyani likes the brown paper that comes in some packages. Especially the ones from Chewy . This photo shows him sitting on a small piece of the paper with his Baby Mouse. Baby Mouse is at his right, it is so small, but he loves it.

 This next photo is Koyani patting my knee to let me know he has used his litter box and I am expected to get up right away and take care of it. 

He has me trained. I sure do love this boy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

 There have been no posts because it has been quiet around here lately. 
A few years ago for a couple of months Peapod didn't have the food that Koyani eats. Had to ask someone to help me pick up the food. I do not like asking people for help so I looked around to see what other way I could get his food without worrying. I found . It's been working out great. 
Have been watching a livestream at Youtube. In the search put in Rescue kitten nursery. Then click on LIVE: Rescue kitten nursery!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Well, not much has been happening around here. Koyani is still bossy. He sometimes reminds me of one of those dogs who herds sheep or something. He tries to herd me if I am not going in the direction he wants me to go. 

This is a photo of Koyani just sitting and watching me.
  This is another photo of Koyani at his window.
  And being cute.

I finally broke down and bought a small digital camera. My other one was so old and I could not find a replacement battery for it.

I missed being able to take pictures of my Koyani.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Well, Koyani has finally jumped from one side of the cupboard to the other. He is good! I have watched him and he has no problem. It makes sense that he wants to be on the other side. On one side when he looks out the window all he sees is the big tree blocking his way. On the other side he is able to look out the window and see the street and the front of the small yard. So he is able to watch the birds out there.

When I am able to get a new shade for the front window he will be able to look out and see more. Right now the shade is broken and can't be rolled up to open it. And he can't see too much from the window in his room, just a small area. He does enjoy looking out that window, though, to see "little squirrel" and the birds.

Just wish I knew how to control his bossiness. :)  Things have to be his way or he gets frustrated with me.

In March the veterinarian came to give Koyani his shots. I ended up calling a new doctor, with an assistant to help her. The last doctor we had was good, Tiger and Thomas gave her no problems. But Koyani is too much for one person to handle. He does not like to be touched except when he wants to be petted, on his terms. He hates to be picked up or held, so it is not easy. The first visit did not go well so we had to reschedule. The second visit the doctor had to sedate him a bit so she was able to give him his shots, exam him, and microchip him. 

Now my problem is getting his nails clipped. Since he hates to be handled it has not been easy to find someone to do it. I finally called the animal hospital and we have an appointment next month. They understand they will have to sedate him to be able to clip his nails. 

I wish I understood what was going thru Koyani's mind. When he was a baby he loved to be held. He would fall asleep in my arms. After having him neutered his whole personality changed. I wish he was more cuddly but that is not how he is anymore. I accept that, but I wish he was easier to handle. I don't like having to have him sedated to have anything done.

Koyani is very skittish and will hide when anyone enters the house. Even people he knows. I always talk to him and tell him who is coming over so he is not surprised, but he still hides when they come in. If it is someone he knows well he will come out and be comfortable with them after a few minutes.

When I am waiting for my Peapod delivery I always let Koyani know ahead of time. I made up a little song while we are waiting for the truck. Koyani waits with me, until the driver walks up the steps, then he runs and hides and stays hidden until the driver leaves. Then he comes out and has to inspect what was delivered.

It's a good thing I love Koyani because who else would put up with his ways?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Koyani loves to be high. He likes to be up on the cupboards in the kitchen.

The only problem is that he seems to want to jump to the other side, which is past the window. As I'm sure you can see, the ceiling slants. So the ceiling is low on the other side. I'm not sure if Koyani would have enough room to jump without falling and I'm so afraid that he would not make it and fall into the sink. Since he is so high I can not reach him to stop him from jumping. So I fill a cup of water and with my fingers, sprinkle water up to him. Since Koyani does not like water, that does stop him for a time. 
Koyani, knowing how I will react when he jumps up there, he will do it when I am busy doing something and he wants attention.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Baby Photos

I was finally able to find the first photos of Koyani!! He came to me in December 2011 at 2 months old.

He was so tiny and his color had not started to change yet.

here he is in January 2012 at age 3 months.
His coloring is just a bit different, a little darker on his leg and face.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Wish winter was over! So sick of all this snow.

This is looking out the window of Koyani's room. (Can you see his ear at the bottom of photo?) It's looking toward the yard next door. The snow is almost to the top of the chain link fence between our properties.The top railing of my ramp can be seen, but I have not actually been able to see the ramp for a couple of weeks. 

Koyani loves looking out his window at the snow.

And from the front door.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Photos of Koyani

I have some new photos of Koyani.

 Koyani looking out the window of his room. His favorite place to sit.
Look at those beautiful eyes!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My Watch Cat, Koyani

It has been almost a year since I updated this blog. My digital camera has been acting up and not working, so no new photos of my baby.

Several months ago my neighbor made a remark that Koyani is a good watch cat. He was correct. Two weeks ago, Koyani alerted me that something was wrong. When I followed him into the back room, there was someone trying to get into my house! As soon as the kid saw me, he ran. He almost had the window all the way open and I didn't even hear anything. Thank goodness for my brave Koyani!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

More photos of Koyani at 8 months old

Koyani is a typical little boy. He ignores me until I want to use my laptop. Then he wants my full attention. :)

I cleaned out one of the rooms and told Koyani it was his room now. He loves sitting at the window. When I say "let's go to Koyani's room", he almost bounces down the hallway.

Here he is watching the squirrel in our back yard.