Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Father

My father is here visiting from out-of-state. His brother is in the hospital, so Dad flew out right away to see him. They are all they have left of their family here.
My father will be 80 years old in June. I think he looks good for 80.

(You will have to excuse the mess behind Dad. I have been going thru stuff to see what to get rid of.)

I was able to get a picture of Dad petting Thomas. I was surprised because Thomas usually does not like men and will run away. Maybe Thomas has gotten braver since Tiger is no longer with us and he has to be the one who "takes care of Mommy".

I will miss Dad when he has to go back home. Sure wish my mother could have come with him in this visit. Who knows if I'll ever see them again after this?

We had a good visit together the other day. We talked about so much! Dad also told me things about my childhood that I was not aware of and it was fun to learn these things.

I was always a "Daddy's girl" while growing up and I guess I always will be.


Anonymous said...

The Sergeant looks much the same as I remember when I last saw him on the coast. The man stands tall in my book. He took me in when I was in need of a friend. One never forgets a kindness.

GrannyDiane said...

Yes, my father has always been a "big" man in my life. I couldn't have asked for a better father. I always compared every man to him. He does look the same in my eyes, just a bit older. I love my dad.