Monday, June 02, 2008

Someone asked me the other day why I like my subtitled dramas so much. I have been sitting here for quite a while trying to figure that out. I was going to reply to his email, but I’m still sitting here waiting for an answer to pop into my head. Maybe there isn’t enough drama in my life, so I look for it elsewhere? There used to be a LOT of drama in my life. My life was actually boring until I met the person who would become my husband. The first three years we dated there was someone who was trying to ruin our relationship. She used the word “love” but he finally understood that she did not love him but was using him. Those three years were like an emotional roller coaster for me. I wasn’t used to that. But I have never believed in playing “mind games”, so he always knew what my feelings were. I do not believe in lying. That is one thing that does bother me about these dramas. People lie about their feelings of love, but it is mostly because of their pride.

After we married, our lives settled into a more quiet routine, thank goodness. We had our busy times, of course, who doesn’t? I had a job to go to every night and there are always problems when we work with other people. But with Husband to come home to, those problems seemed so trivial. We had each other, our cat, Tiger, and we had our church family. That seemed enough. We never were the kind of people who liked to always be on the go. According to some, we lived a very boring life. But that was our choice.

My life did get busy after marriage. We never had children of our own, I felt 40 was too old for such a drastic change. But Husband already had five children. He did not feel the need for more and I am glad for that. Tiger was enough baby for us. Then when my mother-in-law got sick, we moved her in with us. I did not mind that extra work. She was a wonderful woman. She was the one who made her son the person I fell in love with. It was busy, though, with taking care of her and still going to my job at night. But no drama. After she died, Husband’s health started getting worse. He mentioned a couple of times before we married that he was afraid that I would leave him when his health started going bad. I promised him that would never happen. And I never did abandon him. I took care of him the best I could. Now, it is three years after he left me and my life has gone from being busy to being very dull. I don’t mind the dull part, I do mind not having him here with me.

So, anyway, to get back to my original reason for this post. Why do I love my subtitled dramas so much? Maybe there is a bit of need for some excitement? Without me having to actually be involved, though. I’m still thinking on it. One word does keep coming to mind. Addiction. It is like an addiction for me. But at least it is not an addiction that can hurt me physically, like some addictions. What do you think?


Housewife said...

Welcome to its your turn now Rhode. A friend and I today discussed this topic. Our lives aren't dull, they are exactly how we like them. Quiet, serene, relaxing, meditative, and a few good friends within reach.

Thank god for coffee or we'd be sleeping 24/7!!!

GrannyDiane said...

I actually like boring. Especially since I've gotten older. I can't handle having more than one thing a day to do. Partly it is age, partly the fibromyalgia, I know. But the important people in my life do understand, like my stepdaughter and grandchildren. Don't know where I would be without my coffee. :)