Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Wonderful Group of Friends

As I have said in another post, I am blessed. My life is good. It may not be good in ways some people think it should be, but it is in the ways I count.

For most of my life I have felt out of place, different from others. An example was the day I graduated from high school, I was invited to a get-together at the house of my brother’s girlfriend (her brother graduated with me). My brother said to just dress casual, wear jeans. You would think that my own brother would have noticed that I never wore jeans, I never owned any. I always wore skirts to school. (This was in the early 70’s). My brother let me borrow a pair of his jeans, but kept on and on about how he could not believe how different I was, was I really his sister, and making me feel worse than bad.

My life and interests have always been different from the people surrounding me. They never could understand. But. I have met a wonderful group of women who accept me and have the same interest. We all love Yoon Sang Hyun! I feel as if I belong somewhere. I’m not different. So I am grateful to these wonderful new friends who have accepted me as I am and include me in their group.


Julee said...

Hi Diane,

I'm sure I speak for the girls too that we love having you with us. There's enough YSH love to share amongst all those who love him ^ ^

housewife said...

Hey there,

Just a reminder that you have us 'old' friends around too. (just in different circles)

GrannyDiane said...

Housewife, I could never forget someone who means as much to me as you do. You are very dear to me. Yes, it may be in different circles, as you say. But you have always been important to me.