Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tiger Had a Visitor

The other day Tiger had a visit from the outside cat who was visiting and talking with Thomas the other day. (see Thomas, My Quiet Boy). I was sitting at the kitchen table, reading, while Tiger was sitting in his favorite place (see Pics of Tiger). In nice weather the top portion of the glass on the storm door is lowered to let air in and Tiger does not like when I try to close the glass in the winter. He loves it when I hold him up to the door so he can sniff the air, cold or warm, raining or sunny, doesn‘t matter to him. Anyway, I heard Tiger making strange chirping sounds. Sounds I had never heard come from him before. I turned my head to see what was going on and Tiger’s left paw was going up and down on the glass of the storm door. Of course, Mommy being the over-protective person she is toward her babies, just had to check it out. That pretty little cat was out there talking with Tiger. What surprised me is that Tiger was having a conversation with her/him. Tiger has never liked when other cats would come into his yard. Thomas was the only cat he ever allowed in. But Tiger was not arguing with the outside cat, it seemed to be a pleasant conversation. Sure wish I knew cat language so I could know what they were discussing.

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