Friday, May 23, 2008

Thomas, My Quiet Boy

Right now I am sitting here listening to Thomas snore. He is laying across the top of my chair, near my head. I have never heard a cat snore before, especially so loudly. He doesn't do it continuously, thank goodness, just occasionally. Poor thing. Sometimes it sounds as if his nose is all stuffed up, same as mine gets when my allergies bother me. I feel so bad for my poor Thomas. I sometimes think he feels neglected because I spend so much time worrying over Tiger. And I usually give in to whatever Tiger wants. I do have to remind myself to spend more time with Thomas. But Thomas is so quiet and usually sits back and does not ask for anything.

The other day Thomas was sitting in the bedroom window, talking. I can't have the window open too much because the boys are able to push the screen out and jump out the window, which they have done twice. So I can only open the window a small bit. Anyway, I went to see who Thomas was talking to. There was a small, pretty cat out there. Light gray and white. She was sitting there looking up at the window and when I looked out, she just stared at me. So I told Thomas to continue his conversation with his friend and I left them alone.

I wish people would learn not to just let their cats out, especially with no collar and ID on. That is very irresponsible, as far as I am concerned. People say they love their cats but do not take care of their safety. Doesn't anyone understand the dangers out there? I won't get started on that because that is one of my biggest pet peeves. Irresponsible pet owners. In my opinion, that is the same as letting your toddler go out to play alone, no supervision. I have always believed in being a good pet-parent. Just wish more people loved their pets as much as they say they do.
Well, I'll get off my "soapbox" now and try to get some sleep. Good night.

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