Friday, July 13, 2012

More photos of Koyani at 8 months old

Koyani is a typical little boy. He ignores me until I want to use my laptop. Then he wants my full attention. :)

I cleaned out one of the rooms and told Koyani it was his room now. He loves sitting at the window. When I say "let's go to Koyani's room", he almost bounces down the hallway.

Here he is watching the squirrel in our back yard.


Julee said...

Hi Diane,

Oh he's lovely, am really glad you've got him. I love kitties too, am feeding a stray below my place. She knows when I open my door and would be waiting below the stairs and start mewing. On my return home, she'll come running when she hears my keys. Ah, kitties are such lovely things.

Btw,양 reads as 'yang' with the 'o' below as 'ng' so that would be 'Koyangi'. Koyani is written as 고얀이 ^ ^

GrannyDiane said...
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