Friday, February 04, 2011

Secret Garden

Just finished watching the Korean drama, Secret Garden. It has my favorite guy, Yoon Sang Hyun. He wasn't the lead but his role was just as important, as far as I'm concerned.

It starred Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won as the leads. Both Yoon Sang Hyun and Hyun Bin lost a lot of weight before this drama. I thought they had lost too much, but toward the end of the drama I started to get used to their new look. I just hope they don't lose any more weight. 

So now I am having withdrawal pains. I need to see more of Yoon Sang Hyun, our sweet man!


Anonymous said...

"So now I am having withdrawal pains" - Me too, still and it has been week T_T

Anonymous said...

oops - its me Jeezvive :)

GrannyDiane said...

Hi Jeezvive!! I am glad for all our friends on the board. They share all their pics and links for us to lessen our withdrawal pains. What would we do without our sisters on the board? :)

Julee said...

Hi ladies,

Are you still suffering from SG withdrawal? haha. Just rewatch.

Me .... taking a drama break ^ ^

housewife said...

I hear a good strong cup of coffee is recommended for withdrawl. Cookies help too

GrannyDiane said...

Yes, yes to the coffee!!Can't get thru a day without my coffee. It can fix almost anything.