Monday, February 28, 2011


Ever since I learned to read and picked up my first Nancy Drew, I have loved mysteries. Over the years have I read many different authors, but my favorite is and always will be Agatha Christie. Oh, how I wish I could have met her!! I have collected all of her books. That is how I am. When I find an author I enjoy, I like to read and re-read their books over again many times. Can't remember how many times I have read each book and story written by Agatha Christie.

In the early 1980's I discovered another author I enjoy. That is Charlotte Vale Allen. I have all of her books and have re-read them many times. She writes mainly about womens issues.  Yesterday in the post "Secrets" I wrote about the latest book of hers I just finished reading. Knowing how much I loved her books, Tony surprised me one day (quite a few years ago now) and took me to a book-signing to meet Charlotte. What a wonderful person she is!

Well, I have a new favorite and love her books. It is my friend, Suzanne Embree.  Can't wait for the next one! When I read her first one, "The Awakening of Hope",  I just knew she had a future in writing and have been always waiting and looking for her next book. I have a shelf in my bookcase with her name on it, reserved for all her future works. Suzanne,  I am so proud to say I know you!!

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