Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just finished watching this Korean drama

I just recently finished watching the Korean drama, "A Man Called God" with Song Il Gook (송일국). Many people, from what I have read, did not like his new look for this drama. I have to admit, at first I was not sure, either. But after I got into the drama, his looks grew on me.

Every episode was exciting. Every episode had me thinking this time he would be killed, or at least captured. Most of the time I was actually on the edge of my seat, yelling at my computer monitor. My father had returned for a visit and was staying at my place for a few days. He was laughing at me, saying he couldn't get over how much I actually got into it while watching my dramas. He had never seen that before, I guess.

Usually when I watch a drama that I am enjoying, I can watch the episodes back to back. I have done many all-night marathons, watching dramas. But with "A Man Called God", I could only watch one episode at a time. After each was done, I needed time to let my heart get back to normal beating.

There are a few people who do not like Song Il Gook, but I have always enjoyed watching him act. But after seeing him in this last story, he is now definitely my 3rd favorite Korean actor. Of course, Yoon Sang Hyun is my very first, then Kang Ji Hwan, and Song Il Gook is the next in line.

This is how Song Il Gook looked before doing this drama.

This is how Song Il Gook looked in this last drama.

I think the reason why many people did not like his new look when we first read about this new drama is because of the first photos that were shown when letting us know about it.

I finally found a photo showing us of his new look, this is what I think 'scared' some of his fans. All those muscles. I read that he had gone on a very strict diet for this role and lost about 15 kg. I'm not good at converting weights, but I think that is about 33 lbs. Plus he spent even more time in the gym and weight training. And he had to learn new skills such as skydiving, fencing, archery, and shooting.

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