Friday, February 19, 2010


Haven't felt like writing anything in awhile. In January, I could feel the start of something building inside. Tried to fight it. But the first week of February it got so big, I fell under the weight. Depression. February 11 was the anniversary of my dear husband's death. Every year it hits me, why do I try to fight it off? That only makes it worse. But not only am I missing Tony, I am also missing Tiger. Believe it or not, Tiger was my comfort after Tony died.

Tony was not only my husband, he was my best friend. With him around, I felt strong, I could do anything. After he was gone, Tiger kept me going. I had to be strong because he needed me as his health started failing.

Even the things I love aren't helping me this time. I love to watch Korean and Japanese dramas. Normally they get me thru the tough times. This time it seems harder to get thru a day. Hopefully, it will pass soon.

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