Thursday, November 26, 2009

These are the different looks of Yoon Sang Hyun (윤상현)

"Marrying a Millionaire" (2005)

"Exhibition of Fireworks" (2006)

"Three Dads and One Mom" (2008)

"Queen of Housewives" (2009)

"Take Care of the Young Lady" (2009)

My favorite look is as Butler Seo in "Take Care of the Young Lady", but he looks good no matter how he is dressed or what he is doing. :)

I also prefer when he has that little bit of moustache. He's so cute!


Anonymous said...

He is cute!

Julee said...

I couldn't leave a comment on your blog earlier as I believe the comment box was deactivated.

Oh yes, we just love his current looks .... and his oh-so-expressive-eyes that has us totally under his spell ^ ^