Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love to play online games. That is partly what keeps me sane. Why does there always have to be one person in the whole bunch of people playing to ruin it for others? The game I am really into lately is Perfect World. I usually quest alone in these games and mind my own business, I don't bother others. So why does someone feel they have the right to disturb my questing and start saying rude things to me, calling me names, and getting in my way when I try to move? And he wasn't "whispering" these things to me. He was saying them so others around us could hear him. And that got them started saying stuff. Normally I just log off when this happens, but I needed to finish my quest. So I tried walking off to another area. He followed me. I walked away, he followed me again. I did end up logging off, but I was soooooo frustrated! And I made a note of his name in case I ever see it again, so I will know to keep away. I truly hate having to report people and getting anyone into trouble and I try to handle it myself. But his type of behaviour really annoys me and ruins my play fun.
Well, I just needed to get that off my chest.

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