Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Disappointed Endings

Well, I am so frustrated again. This time the drama had all the episodes so it had an ending. But what a disappointing ending. Not what I wanted. I watched "Love Exchange". I enjoyed the actors, the storyline, the whole story. Until the last episode. It did not end the way I expected, or the way these things usually end. And judging from a couple of comments from other watchers, they felt the same.

Anita Yuen is a good actress and I was not disappointed in her at all. I have only seen her in a couple of movies, but like her work. And I don't know if she intentionally was funny or if it just happened, but what ever she intended, I loved her character in "Love Exchange". Michael Mui is a new actor for me, but I will definitely be looking for more of his work. Liked what he did with his character. According to his page on DramaWiki he has been in quite a few movies and TV shows. Why haven't I seen him before? Probably because I have been watching more Japanese and Korean dramas and movies than any others.

Anyway, back to the ending. I guess the writers did leave it open for anything to happen. Maybe they will meet again in a couple of years and find their feelings for each other are true. And after thinking about it, maybe it was for the best they left it like this. At least both characters realized their feelings for each other may be due to their circumstances and they need to find out by putting distance between themselves. If their feelings are true, then the distance and time will not be a hindrance.

I love a good romance and a happy ending. But as a character in "Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung" said, we need more happy beginnings, not endings. Can't remember the exact wording, but it was something like that. Usually fairy tales end with a happy ending. But who knows what happens afterward to them? Does getting married mean the end of a person's life and happiness? I don't believe so. Mine didn't. Getting married to my husband was the best thing that ever happened to me and we were very happy together.

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housewife said...

Love stories like the ones we live, can't be captured in a book or on film. There is too many nuances, intimate details, and unspoken messages between lovers (in the truest sense of the word)

Could be a cultaral thing too, thinking about it. In India where arranged marriages still happen, their movies are about falling in love and having happy endings