Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Nice Day

It is a nice day today. We can hear the kids playing with the basketball hoop out there. Tiger likes to have the doors open on days like this, especially when he hears the kids because he likes to watch them. Well, I opened the back door and put the chair there for him, but he sat there for about 5 minutes. Then he was back to my chair at the table. I have a cushion on my chair for my comfort, but the boys seem to think I put it there for their use. I hardly ever get to sit in my own chair.

Tiger is starting to eat better, thank goodness. The doctor had suggested I give him a 1/4 of a Pepcid AC tablet every morning. So he gets his thyroid pills plus the Pepcid AC. He still isn't gaining any weight, though. I thought with all the food he has been eating he would put on a few pounds. He is way too thin. He never was much of a water drinker, unless it was dripping from the faucet. But I had bought 2 of the pet water fountains for the boys and Tiger is drinking more water, finally. He even lets me know when he wants me to change it, which I usually do once a day. Sometimes he asks me to change it twice a day. How can I refuse?
When Tiger wants something, he lets me know. The other day he kept after me and I just could not understand what he wanted. I finally told him to show me. He led me to their litter boxes. Well, I had cleaned them but someone had used one and left 1 little pile of you-know-what. Tiger wanted me to remove that little pile. There are 2 litter boxes. He could not have used the other one? Do you suppose he is spoiled?

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