Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Pics of Tiger

I love the colors in Tiger's hair.

Tiger does not like my attention to be on anything else but him, lately. He has not been feeling well.

Sitting on my magazine.
Normally I do not allow the boys on the table, even though I never eat at that table. But I guess I was feeling kind of guilty yesterday. I had been putting off his check up because of financial reasons. He should have seen his doctor several months ago. He is not doing too well. I understand at 17 years old he won't be at his healthiest, but I think I just did not want to face the fact that I may lose him.

Tiger is a very intelligent boy. People laugh when I say this, but he can tell time. Tiger has a way of waking me, by nipping at my arm very lightly. The more I ignore him, the harder the nips get. I have even tried covering my arm with the blanket and Tiger will move the blanket away to get at my arm. I sometimes purposely ignore him to see what he will do. When Tiger tries to wake me earlier than I want to get up, I will tell him to give me more time, for example, I will tell him to give me another hour sleep. He will come back in an hour and try again to wake me. There are times I will tell him to wake me at a certain time. The other day he was trying to get me up at 5:00 in the morning, which is WAY too early for me. I told him to come back at 8:00 and I would get up. I say "when the clock shows eight o'clock, 8-0-0, then I will get up". Tiger will come back then. Sometimes it is 1 or 2 minutes before or after that time, but close enough. How does Tiger know the numbers? I have no idea, but my husband taught him.

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The Joyful Artist said...

What sweet boys you have.
Great pics !

Hugs Cin