Monday, February 04, 2008


Why does Tiger think it is okay to be on my desk? He knows I don't like it, yet he still jumps up. Actually, he can't jump very high anymore due to his arthritis. He gets on the chair, then onto the desk. Does he look 17 years old? He will be this March. This May will be 17 years that he has been living with me.

That round yellow thingy was made for me by my granddaughter. I named it Sunshine. Isn't it cute? It is leaning against the vase so it can see me while I sit at my computer. I'm surprised that Tiger hasn't knocked Sunshine off the desk. He usually does that to my stuff. When he gets mad at me. Which is a lot lately. He sure has gotten cranky in his old age!


Housewife said...

Have you met Cocoa yet? He pretends he can't jump and has to be lifted for his food. Yet he can make it to the bed...hmmm. Now mankind would not pick up on such things but I am womankind. I think I caught on to his evil plan.


GrannyDiane said...

Cats sure are smart, aren't they? They know how to train us to do their bidding. But we still love them.