Saturday, January 26, 2008

The other day I saw a Blue Jay outside my front door. It reminded of when Tiger was a young cat. At the house we lived in when he was younger, we had a nice back yard. He and I would sit out there every morning while I had my coffee. Tiger had a long, very long leash so he could walk all around the yard. We had a bird feeder hanging from the porch and I always threw peanuts out for the squirrels. Tiger never chased or went after the birds and squirrels. They were never afraid of him. Why? People believe that cats just naturally kill birds and chase squirrels. Why didn’t Tiger?

When Tiger was a kitten, he was extremely hyperactive and was always asking to go out. That is why I started our routine of sitting outside in the back with my coffee and Tiger on a leash. That way, he got his outside time and was supervised. I always believed in being a good Cat-Mommy. My husband said I was too over protective. Can a mother ever be too over protective of her babies? Anyway, one day a squirrel ran thru the yard and up a tree. Tiger watched, then strolled over to the tree, looking up at the squirrel. As I watched this, it looked as if they were having a conversation with each other. Maybe they were, who knows. After that, the squirrel slowly started bringing his friends over and they were never afraid. That’s why I would throw the peanuts out for them, thanking them for not being afraid of Tiger and being a friend to him.

When I decided to put up the bird feeder, I wasn’t too sure how Tiger would react to the birds. But he was the same with them. Never bothered them, just watched them. Even the Blue Jays who would go after the peanuts. Someone once told me that Blue Jays are mean birds and have been seen attacking cats. Why didn’t these Blue Jays ever bother Tiger? One day I observed as Tiger sat under our big tree in back, looking up at a Blue Jay sitting on a branch. It looked as if they were talking back and forth.

One thing my husband and I noticed is that Tiger never allowed another cat to come into our back yard. He would fight with them and they would stay away. Was he protecting his friends, the birds and squirrels? My husband and I liked to think so.


housewife said...

Sounds to me like Tiger was protecting. Cocoa loves to smell the flowers.

The Joyful Artist said...

Hello Diane

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