Saturday, September 27, 2008

I enjoy reading mangas. I have the whole set of "Lone Wolf and Cub". After reading this series, I had to watch the movies. Loved it!!

Started to keep a list of the mangas I have read, but this list is by no means complete. My manga list. But I can't afford to buy mangas, so I now read them online. Found a good web site for that. OneManga. Don't have to download anything to read these. Other sites that have manga that can be read online is MangaHut and MangaVolume.


マリアンナ said...
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マリアンナ said...

I have my own manga list on I have the bad habit of trying to finish a series once I start it no matter how bad, but their "Unfinished List" has brought some consolation to my OCD self. I admit I have gotten tired of the repetitiveness of many manga plots/stories. I wish there could be more series like "Blade of the Immortal," "Immortal Rain" or "Fruits Basket."

I never read "Lone Wolf and Cub."

GrannyDiane said...

I also have the habit of having to finish what I start no matter how bad. And you are right, too many have the same or near the same plots. I am always looking for something different. "Lone Wolf and Cub" is very good.