Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tiger's Brother, Thomas

This is my other baby boy, Thomas. He will be 14 years old in September. I just don't know what day, so we had decided a long time ago to celebrate on the 23rd of that month.

Thomas is sleeping on my chair. He had been sleeping in my lap, but when I tried to get up, he just sort of slid into this position and stayed. Usually when I get up, he gets up. Thomas must have been tired this day. So I thought that would be a good opportunity to take his picture.

This next photo is a close up of his face.

Thomas is and has always been a one person cat. He is definitely Mommy's boy. He doesn't really like men, for some reason. It has to do with his life before he moved in with us. My husband always was very good to our boys and very gentle, but Thomas never did get close to him. Whenever my husband was in the shower, Thomas would lay right outside, waiting for him to come out. He always stayed at a distance, but would stay in the bathroom the whole time, even after my husband got out of the shower and was drying off. And after my husband died, Thomas would sleep in his chair.

The other day, after the boys ate their lunch, Thomas came to sit with me. I noticed he still had some food on his chin. So I told him to wash his face. He did! I only had to say it once. He is a very obedient boy. He is not as stubborn as his brother, either.

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