Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Passions

There are some things about me that no one knows about. My husband knew and understood. He knew me better than anyone and understood me better than I even understood myself. He understood about my passions. Or would obsessions be a better word? Take books, for example. From the first time I learned to read, I have loved it. I loved books. And when I found an author that I truly enjoyed, I had to read everything by that person. Preferably in the order the books were written. I loved seeing how the author “grew” in their work from book to book.

I discovered Agatha Christie when I was just a young girl. Over the years I have collected all her books. And have read each one maybe 3 or 4 times each. Then in the early 80’s I discovered an author by the name of Charlotte Vale Allen. If you have not read any of her work, I highly recommend you do. She has written about 40 books, which I own about 30. My husband knew how much I loved her work so when he found out she was going to have a book signing nearby, he took me to meet her. We enjoyed talking with her after it was all done. We three sat for quite awhile, chatting. She and I have exchanged emails and spoken on the phone a few times. My husband loved to tell people that I knew a real author.

I discovered Terry Brooks a few years ago. I haven’t gotten into all his books, only the Shannara series. I have read them all and when I was able to find any on sale or at a very low price, I bought them. So now I have them and can re-read them whenever I want. Which I have read them all twice, so far.

Diane Mott Davidson is another author I enjoy reading. I love mysteries. And her books are mysteries about a caterer. So there is a lot about cooking and food in the stories, plus recipes. She has written, I think, about 14 books, which I have read 12. There is a lot of humor in her stories, also, which I found refreshing.

I know another author now and my husband would have loved to have been able to brag about that. If you get a chance, read her book. My friend, Suzanne. I have read her book and it is a truly enjoyable one. She has been my inspiration.

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Your so sweet.