Friday, February 08, 2008

Keeping Watch

Tiger likes to keep watch on the neighborhood. It is a fairly quiet neighborhood, so there isn't much excitement for him to see. In the summer he watches the children playing outside. But they are all growing up and there are not many of them left around here. It is a good thing Tiger is alert. A couple of months ago someone tried to break in and Tiger let me know. I had the alarm on and all the locks were locked, but it was still frightening.

We have our groceries delivered by Peapod and Tiger knows that when I say Peapod is coming, he has more food coming in. When I say "Peapod is coming this morning", Tiger waits. When he hears the truck he goes to the front door and cries for me to open it. I have to hold Tiger in my arms while the drivers bring in the groceries so he does not run out or get stepped on. There are a few drivers that pat him and talk to him. If Tiger likes them he will stretch out his paw to touch them as they walk by with the bundles of groceries. I think he can tell the ones who like cats by their smell. They usually have cats of their own.

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マリアンナ said...

Hello, and thanks for the compliment. I always assume no one will ever read my blog so I tend to get carried away, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yes I did watch Nobuta wo Produce, I still haven't watched the final episodes in the series though due to the fact I too have a very long list of dramas I watch (and want to watch).